Friday, November 10, 2017

Time is Precious

Where does the time go? Who among us has not uttered those 5 words? Our lives are so busy. There never seems enough time to do the things that make us happy, enrich or lives, or nurture important relationships. We have time for work projects, getting our kids or pets to the doctor, paying bills on time, caring for an elderly parent, getting groceries, etc.

My new promise to myself is to find time, no make time, for both self-care and for my family and friends. Although I truly love my job, and kind of love the thrill of a high pressure project, I am not doing myself or my loved ones any favors by not making "us" a priority.

One of my fresh starts was spending the day in Philly with my husband. I had never been to the Museum  of Art, we both though it would be great to visit. We had an awesome experience and fun day! See some of our pictures below.

One of my next experiences will be going to a painting class with my good friend Christine. I can't wait to share our story.

Time is precious. Enjoy Life and Take Care!
Natalie 💗

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